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Consultancy Experience: Strategy and Results

On this page you can find projects and partners I am (and have been) involved in as a consultant:


As an experienced member of boards I am able to make decisions that make innovation possible:

At the site of the War Victims WW II you will find the information about the archives for War Victims WW II (project of NIOD-KNAW, ING and the Ministry of VWS). I was a member of the user board.
War Victims WW II.

The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences Commission for Collection Policies: This commission discusses and makes policies regarding the collections of the Humanities Institutes of the KNAW. I was a member of the commission. The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences.

The Visual Culture study group of the Huizinga Institute This group is a platform for researchers, teachers and managers in the field of visual culture and audiovisual collections. I was a member of the board.
Visual Culture Huizininga Institute.

Cooperation needs communication. I make contact with organizations and establish a base to built upon:

The European Consortium for Humanities Institutes & Centers (ECHIC) is network for mutual benefit and possible identification of partners for European research collaboration. The Meertens Institute is a founding member. As a liaison officer I attended the founding conference and serve as contact for the Meertens Institute. ECHIC.

Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure (CLARIN-EU). CLARIN is committed to establish an integrated and interoperable research infrastructure. It aims at lifting the current fragmentation, offering a stable, persistent, accessible and extendable infrastructure and therefore enabling eHumanities. I was liaison officer for the Meertens Institute. And with success: the Meertens Institute is now a CLARIN center. CLARIN-EU.
Acquisition of external funds

Innovation is only possible with a solid financial basis. I have a track record of successful fund raising:

This project delivered a site at the Meertens Institute where you can search through, listen to and download all the dialects in the Netherlands. I applied for (together Prof. Dr. Marc van Oostendorp) and received a grand for this project. In 2013 I recieved two additional external funds for expansion of Soundbites: form DANS for Dutch dialect abroad and from the KNAW funding for adding transcription.
Parton Saints:
This project makes the spread of the patron saints of the Netherlands visible with a GIS. I applied for a grand and after a successful project, the patron saints website was launched in December 2010.

Alfalab PhD
: After applying, part of Alfalabs funds were made available for writing a PhD proposal (together with Joris van Zundert of the Huygens ING).