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Example: Patron Saints

Patron Saints in the media

The Patron Saints database enables you to search through available data of patron saints in the Netherlands. The project generated a lot of attention in the media: 

  • The Netherlands scientific community picked up on the news and reported it in SienceGuide.
  • Also more general media gave attention to the project: The Radio Netherlands Worldwide mentioned the patron saints on their website.
  • Peter Jan Margry, senior researcher at the Meertens Instituut and responsible for the scholarly input in the project, was interviewed by NCRV radio, EO radio, RTL4 radio, Kruispunt Radio, BNR radio and Omroep Gelderland.
  • Furthermore national newpapers such as Trouw, the AD and The Parool adopted the press release.
  • Local newspapers Brabants Dagblad and DeStem interviewed Peter Jan Margry about the project. De Gelderlander mentioned the website.
  • Moreover, religious news sites such as Nederlands Dagblad, Katholiek Nederland and Kerknieuws mentioned the patron saints on their website.
  • Even months after the project finished reports continued: in March 2011 e-data & research mentioned the new site on its front page. In total more than 44 newspapers reported about the patron saints.
Patron Saints Exhibition

In 2011 the project has had an artistic after effect: from the 3th of March until the 4th of June an
exhibition by 21 contemporary artists about patron saints was held at the Meertens Institute. Here you can read here more about the exhibition.