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Microtoponym Expertmeeting

On April 8th the first Alfalab Microtoponym Expertmeeting was organised at the Meertens Institute. In this meeting the wishes and demands of researchers who want to use the microtoponyms in a GIS environment were discussed. These wishes will be translated into a functional design of a web-based system that will be developed and tested in the coming year. The meeting consisted of a brief introduction of Alfalab and the microtoponym collection of the Meertens Institute and a plenary discussion. The discussion was very positive and lively. One of the conclusions was that some form of temporal information would be essential for the use of microtoponyms in research and therefore has to be part of the datastructure. A second Expertmeeting will be organised at the end of the year. The first version of the planned system will be showed and discussed at that meeting.

Web Slideshow

In the pictures you can see Hans Bennis (Director of the Meertens Institute) opening the expertmeeting, Joris van Zundert explaining Alfalab and the Virtual Research Environments it creates and the microtoponym collection of the Meertens Institute.