I combine a coaching and facilitating management style with clear-cut deadlines and deliverables.

ICT Introduction

Technology is an important enabler of  transformation. To get value from technology investments, I bring together the skills to deliver improvements in processes, as well as the knowledge in IT strategy, IT architecture and design and project management. Read more.
European Union projects

Projects and funds from the European Union are ideal to broaden your vision and you financial position. But you have to understand the EU regulations. To begin with: the website of the EU Research & Innovations has over 25.000 pages. Where to start? And once you have landed your project, how do you manage it with regard to the vast amount of EU deliverables? Read more.
Digitisation projects

Over the centuries researchers and visitors have traveled to institutes to use collections. The advent of the Internet and the ability to digitise large quantities of text and images has transformed ways of working. Though it creates a valuable and enduring resource for scholars and the public alike it still has to underpin the institutes strategy. Read more.