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Example: Dutch Dialect Database

The Dutch Dialect Database in the media

The Dutch Dialect Database delivered a site at the Meertens Institute where you can search through, listen to and download all the dialects in the Netherlands. The project generated a lot of attention in the media:

  • In 2014 Dr. Jan Noordegraaf discovered a long lost audiofragment in the Speaking Map, with a peculiar history: Met Jo Daan naar Dinnersize, in: Trefwoord, tijdschrift voor lexicografie, Jaargang 2014 (Fryske Akademy, 2014).
  • In 2013 The Royal Academy payed attention to the new site: Douwe Zeldenrust, Geschreven sprekende kaart. In: Akademie Nieuws, Maart 2013, nummer 116 (Amsterdam 2013), pp 7-8. Also the academic heritage foundation picked up the news about soundbites: Douwe Zeldenrust, De sprekende kaart nu ook geschreven. In: Nieuwsbrief Stichting Academisch ErfgoedMaart 2013, nummer 35 (Amsterdam 2013), pp 5.
  • During the project attention was given to it by the magazine e-data & research: D.A. Zeldenrust, "Dialecten beschikbaar via sprekende kaart", in: e-data&research jrg. 3 nr. 3 (Den Haag, december 2008), pp 3 and D.A. Zeldenrust, D.A., "Soundbites gaan online", in: e-data&research jrg. 4 nr. 2 (Den Haag, september 2009), pp 3.
  • After the launching of the site (September 2009) the biggest news organization in the Netherlands, the Nederlandse Omroep Stichting (NOS), reported about Soundbites on its website. And in the Dutch national newspaper Algemeen Dagblad (AD) there was an item about it.
  • Also the Dutch national news website gave attention to the project: "Nederlanse dialecten online te beluisteren"
  • Nico Dijkshoorn wrote a very enthusiastic column about it: "Met je sneup aan de woudbakker".
  • Local newspapers, such as DeStem, mentioned the speaking map as well in their reports.
  • Furthermore Radio Nederland Wereldomroep (Radio Netherlands Worldwide), a public radio and television network, invited Meertens Instituut director Prof. Dr. Hans Bennis to talk about the project.
  • The NCRV interviewed Marc van Oostendorp about Soundbites.
  • Next to these regular news reports, Soundbites also featured in social media such as the popular (more than 400 mostly cheering reactions) and
The future of the Dutch Dialect Database

The Meertens Institute received (and still receives) ten thousands of webpage requests. Right after launching the site the Meertens Institute also received several hundred emails ranging from listeners who wanted a copy of a certain recording because a relative was on it, institutes that wanted to use soundbites for educational purposes. But it didn't stop there: educational institutes wanted to use Soundbites for training purposes. And, more recent, the Dutch Dialect Database also plays a role in the CLARIN project where its metadata (and recordings) has been made available for research purpose.