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Experience in managing Digital Humanities

On this page you can find projects I was involved in as a projectmanager:


ICT Introduction

In a nutshell, Afalab has built and provided access to digital tools for the community of humanities researchers. I was projectleader of GEOlab. As part of this project we built and introduced a set of web-based tools for adding geographical annotations to linguistic and historical data: Alfalab.

Verteld Verleden was a development project for an open platform for oral history. Partners: DANS-KNAW, Aletta, Nederlands Instituut for Beeld en Geluid and the Meertens Instituut (KNAW). I was a member of the excutive board
: Verteld Verleden.

The Metis system is the research and information registration system for the Universities and academic institutions
in the Netherlands. For the KNAW I provided the first organizational blueprint for the introduction of this system: Metis.
European Union projects

The European Visual Archive (EVA) project (funded by the EU) developped activities facilitating access to the photograph collection of public archives. I was projectleader for the KNAW:

In order to support EVA in a market, partners from the original EVA project, together with new partners submitted successfully a proposal to the EU: EVAMP, European Visual Archives Market validation Project. I was projectleader for the KNAW:

The Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure (CLARIN) is committed to establish an integrated and interoperable research infrastructure. I was liaison officer for the Meertens Instituut and suported the Meertens Institute in several CLARIN projects: CLARIN-EU.
Digitisation projects

The Dutch Dialect Database is an ongoing project. Currently it has recieved finance from DANS-KNAW to digitize and add Dutch spoken in France and the U.S.A. It deliveres a site at the Meertens Instituut where you can search through, listen to and download all the Dutch dialects. An important part of the project is the digitisation of the archive. Digital curation is part of the project as well.
I am projectmanager: The Dutch Dialect Database.

The Kaartenbank is a digitization project funded bij the KNAW. It gives access to the data of over 30.000 maps. I was involved as (co)projectleader. Read more about the site in: De Volkskrant.

The goal of project Patron Saints was to make the spread of the patron saints of the Netherlands visible with a GIS. It involved digitisation and data entry of part of the collection (an atlas) of the Meertens Instituut. Digital curation was part of the project as well. I was projectmanager: Patron Saints.

: As part of Alfalab the microtoponym collection of the Meertens Institute has been digitised so it can be used for research. The collection of more than 2300 field name maps and over 200,000 index cards have been scanned. I was projectleader.