The sound of Time.

Zeldenrust, Douwe & ‘t Hart, Elise (2019). The sound of time, an experimental perspective on Digital Humanities resources and research. Paper presented at the Digital Humanities Benelux 2019 conference. Liège, Belgium.

Elise ‘t Hart, artist and founder of the Instituut of Domestic Sounds, started in October 2018 as the first ‘Artist in Residence’ of the Meertens Instituut. Her project is called ‘What does time sounds like?’. The aim is, beside making works of art, to explore experimental ways of questioning and researching digital data. The (re)introduction of an artist’s creations in a scientific environment raises the methodological question what the scientific significance of the artist’s work is. This paper investigates the affordances this new approach produces.

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A Life History of A Collection.

Zeldenrust, Douwe (2019). A life history of a collection, network analysis and the collections of the Meertens Instituut. Paper presented at the Researcher meets Curator Conference of the Dutch Foundation for Academic Heritage (SAE). Maastricht, The Netherlands.

Most biographies concentrate on one person, but what if the subject is not a person, but an object, created by hundreds or maybe thousands of individuals during its lifetime? This paper is about the life history of the collections of the Meertens Instituut. It focuses on extracting, processing and visualizing collection information and it reflects on the theory of Charles Jeurgens about the creation of archival networks.

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The Creation, Curation and Dissemination of digital humanities resources.

Zeldenrust, Douwe (2016). The creation, curation and dissemination of digital humanities resources: The Dutch Dialect Database. Paper presented at the European Social Science History Conference 2016. Valencia, Spain.

This paper is about the creation, curation and dissemination of humanities digital resources. It focuses focuses on handling digital data and on connecting the data with European research infrastructures. A use case will be presented: the Dutch Dialect Database (NDB) of the Meertens Instituut (Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences).

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